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Combo Candle Warmer/Tart Burner - Dark Green

Combo Candle Warmer/Tart Burner - Dark Green
Combo Candle Warmer/Tart Burner - Dark GreenCombo Candle Warmer/Tart Burner - Dark Green
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The Combo Candle Warmer/Tart Burner - Dark Green can be used as both an electric tart burner for wax potpourri and a candle warmer for jar candles. The item has a 20 watt 4" heating plate and also includes an oversized bowl that can hold several wax potpourri. It can be used with the large selection of wax potpourri in many brands and sizes that we carry. Some of our best sellers are Bridgewater Candle Wafers, Beanpod Candle Soy Beads, McCall’s Candles Buttons, Scentchips and Ganz Time & Again Waffle Bars.

The Combo Warmer/Burner candle warmers work best with shorter jar candles like Wickless Candles 8 oz., Beanpod Candles 8 oz., Tyler Candles 11 oz. or Bridgewater Candles 14 oz.

Approximate size 6" diameter and 5" height including bowl. Includes on/off switch with indicator light.

Candle Warmers work differently than lighting a candle warmer with a wick. In both cases, heat causes the candle to melt and emit fragrance; however when you light a candle, the wax also evaporates over time with the fragrance. When you heat a candle with a candle warmer, only the scent evaporates; the wax does not. Even when the candle eventually runs out of fragrance, there is still a full pool of wax. The overall fragrance time from melting a candle with a candle warmer should approximate the burn time when lighting the candle with a wick.

It is fine to use candles with wicks with candle warmers; however the wick will eventually fall into the pool of melted wax. After this happens, it will be impossible to light the wick and burn the candle with a flame.

It is important to use a candle warmer that is appropriate for the size of the candle being melted. For example, TartBurners.com sells Large Jar Candle Warmers that have metal insides that make it best to melt apothecary jar candles in the 22 oz. to 26 oz. size. Most of the other candle warmers we sell really should only be used with jars with up to about 15 oz. or 16 oz. of wax. Larger jars may melt, but they take a long time to emit fragrance.
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