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Wax Potpourri Complete Description

Wax Potpourri Complete Description
TartBurners.com carries a large selection of wax potpourri in many brands and sizes. If you are searching our site for tarts(R), wax potpourri is a generic term for scented wax melts. Some of our best sellers are Bridgewater Candle Wafers, Beanpod Candle Soy Beads, McCall’s Candles Buttons, Scentchips and Ganz Time & Again Waffle Bars. We also have the largest selection of Electric Tart Burners and Tart Burners anywhere. You can fragrance your home, office or dorm without a flame in many ways.

The choice of an electric tart burner is mostly a matter of personal taste, but we can offer a few guidelines:

Burners that use a heating plate like the Heating Plate Electric Tart Burners typically run hotter than ones that use a bulb like the Pot Electric Tart Burners. This means that they will begin throwing fragrance faster and possibly stronger, but they will use up the fragrance in the wax potpourri sooner. Ones with bulbs like the Mosaic Electric Tart Burners may offer more ambiance.

The Plug-In Tart Burners are the only ones that can be used without a cord in a kitchen or bath, but they only use a 15 watt bulb and cannot be expected to give off as much fragrance or fragrance a large room.

The Combo Warmer/Burners have a 4” heating plate and can also double as a candle warmer.

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