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Greenleaf Fragrance Descriptions

We do not carry every fragrance in every product.

Apple Spice & Cinnamon
Traditional apple is transformed when combined with cinnamon, spice, and everything nice.

Bella Freesia
Lovely freesia and delicate white tea beautifully blend with amber and cotton blossom in elegant splendor.

Blushing Tulips
Beautiful spring blossoms are coupled with the mysteries of sandalwood and musk.

Classic Linen
Fresh air and the smell of clean water are delicately blended with sweet florals and balsamic notes to create a clean, spring freshness in every room.

Dream Blossom
Fantasy of rose and anise, sweetened by cherry blossoms, patchouli, and vanilla in a delightful daydream.

Garden Breeze
A romantic blend of jasmine, rose and citrus with ylang and woodsy notes.

Delicate white petals bloom into a romantic bouquet, mingling with whispers of dewy green notes and intoxicating musk.

Ginger Cinnamon
Ginger and citrus brighten a blend of cinnamon, clove, and spice blossoms,sweetened by caramel and vanilla.

Sweet and creamy pumpkin, blended into an elegant fruit musk.

Enjoy top notes of fresh seashore breeze blended with lavender and jasmine flowers on a woody amber and sweet musk base.

Celebrate with family and friends as you enjoy the fragrant combination of fresh fruits, warm spices and sweet vanilla.

Island Sunset
A sweet concoction of island fruits and red fruit musk. Hints of pear, peach, coconut, banana and apple create an aromatic cocktail.

Delight in the timeless blossoms of the delicate and sweet beauty of pure jasmine.

Sit back and allow the fragrance of pure lavender oil, mixed with a touch of fresh herbs, soothe and relax you.

The southern sweetness of magnolia gives welcome to anyone that may pass through your door.

Merry Memories
Merry mix of cinnamon, vanilla, and clove, blended with delightful green sugared pear.

Orange & Honey
Enjoy the soothing aroma of rich, citrus accented with a sweet honey nectar.

Juicy pomegranates with hints of green apple add a unique twist to a delightful fragrance.

Raspberry Lemonade
Sun ripened raspberries are perfectly paired with fresh lemons to create a revitalizing fragrance.

Radiant Waters
Effervescent layers of fresh green sparkle fuse with cool spearmint and eucalyptus, which blends into a transparent floral.

The delicate roses will permeate your home with soft aroma.

River Mist
On an earthy bed of moss, amber woods, and musk, a watery blend of wet greens, with citrus and apple, flows into notes of lavender, spice, and muguet.

Capture the fragrance of fresh air coming off the sea intermingled with jasmine, sandalwood, and musk.

Silver Spruce
Fresh wintery aroma of crisp Siberian Fir and cedarwood, softened with sandalwood.

Snow Flowers
Paperwhites & honeysuckle melt with fresh snow, with notes of citrus, currant, lavender musk, cedar and iris root.

Bubbly and bright mix of sparkling fruits, citrus, and mint, with a wisp of white musk.

Sugar Berry
Sugary confection of juicy red berries, plums, apples, and pears, sweetened with carmelized sugar and syrup on a layer of vanilla, tonka and sweet musk.

Tuscan Vineyard
The sophisticated full-bodied blend of sparkling grapes in Tuscany.

Enjoy a traditional favorite to warm the heart and home.

Vintage Violet
A lush bouquet of violets with rosebuds and ylang, gilded with amber and softened by cream, honey, and sugared fig.

Soft and lovely blend of creamy vanilla and sensual amber and musk.
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