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K Hall Designs Scent Diffuser - Moss

K Hall Designs Scent Diffuser - Moss
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Bamboo reed scent diffusers by k. hall designs allow you to fill your home with delicious scents naturally. The reeds absorb the scent, then gently diffuse it throughout the room. Gentle fragrance is emitted as the diffuser reeds act like a wick and the oil scent is naturally dissipated. K. hall scented reed diffusers keep home fragrance simple elegant and effective. K. hall fragrance diffusers are the clean alternative to candles and incense sticks. K. hall scented reed diffusers are the freshest, home fragrance reed diffuser option that beautifies the home while benefiting both mind and body. You place the reeds into the oil where the scent emits directly from this decorative arrangement much as you would arrange flowers in a vase.. Simply flip the bamboo reeds periodically and/or as desired in order to refresh the intensity of the fragrance. Each fragrance will last for months. Each scent diffuser includes one glass apothecary bottle, one 8 oz. scent and reeds all packed in an attractive and sturdy kraft shipping tube.

We carry K Hall Scent Diffusion Refills and K Hall Replacement Reeds for the diffusers.

Moss... a blend of crisp fresh green and sandalwood create this earthy fresh scent reminiscent of a moss filled forest.

We do not carry every product in every fragrance.

Black Currant
Mouthwatering, this tart and sexy-sweet scent is an alluring addition to the k. hall line. Made with essential oil.

Cherry Blossom
A sweet petal-soft, powdery scent reminding one of sugar dusted cherries with a hint of almond..

Clary Sage
By request, a true herbal sage. Rich, deep and refreshing. The natural reeds absorb the scent then gently diffuse throughout your space.

Cocoa Almond
Essential bitter almond and rich dark cocoa make this comforting scent a confectionary dream.

Concord Grape
A deliciously sweet grape scent with woodsy base notes.

Cypress and Cassis
This essential oil blend creates a lush scent that is rich and sensual. Chosen by men and women.

Vetivert, sandalwood and a hint of patchouli, a sweet woodsy aroma.

Egyptian Jasmine
The true scent of jasmine is known as the oil of love. This lush floral is intoxicating. Made with absolute jasmine oil.

This fruity tart scent is crisp and refreshing. A year round treat and the first of the k. hall scents.

Flax Linen
With a blend of flax oil, vetivert and other powdery notes, this scent is reminiscent of freshly laundered linens and newly powdered babies.

Grapefruit Mint
This juicy scent holds notes of fresh mint sprigs and sweet and bright grapefruit with a hint of lavender. This invigorating blend smells like chilled fruit loops.

Neroli, White Tea and a hint of orange peel create this crisp, yet balmy green scent.

True - sweet and indulgent. The natural reeds absorb the scent then gently diffuse throughout your space.

Johnny Apple Spice
Little Johnny loves apples and spice, and this combination is authentic.

K. Hall Designs uses essential French lavender oil to scent their products. Those who love lavender will know the difference.

A blend of vanilla, coconut, and milk have created this addictive and soothing scent. A perennial favorite.

A blend of crisp fresh green and sandalwood creates this earthy fresh scent reminiscent of a moss filled forest. For men and women.

Essential sweet orange blends perfectly with amber to create this sweet earthy blend.

A romantic, watery floral. The natural reeds absorb the scent then gently diffuse throughout your space.

Found growing wild in the country side, this dry yet juicy scent is filled with notes of peaches, apples and oak.

This fragrance is a blend of juicy-fruit notes and soothing wood depth. Always a favorite.

Rose Geranium
This relaxing floral holds herbal fresh notes as well as sun warmed depth with a light rosy finish. A balancing scent with history, yet modern appeal.

Sandalwood with Vanilla
This velvety fragrance is a blend of essential sandalwood, smooth vanilla and fresh sage. A deep and stirring scent.

This tranquil fragrance has soothing watery notes with a very clean and fresh finish. Perfectly matched to the popular washed cotton fragrance.

Sweet Orange & Cassia
While this delightful blend is natural for the holiday season, it has a pleasant year-round appeal with its orange and cinnamon oil blend.

Just as you might expect – leather chairs, wooden furniture, and grandpa’s pipe. Very rich with a dose of true vanilla.

An effervescent, refreshing flavor with notes of lime.

Bright and crisp, this clean lemony-herbal scent can wake the mind and clear the spirit.

Washed Cotton
A blend of lavender and chamomile creates this fresh and clean scent reminiscent of freshly laundered cotton. The natural reeds absorb the scent then gently diffuse throughout your space.
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