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McCall's Country Candles - 26 Oz. Royal Ginger

McCall's Country Candles - 26 Oz. Royal Ginger
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McCall's Country Candles - 26 Oz. Royal Ginger features sweet honey, buttercream and a touch of orange peel. Splashes of brown sugar and vanilla add to this ginger delight. McCall's Candles include reproductions of hand-painted designs by artist Dee McCall that add detail and charm to a unique and one-of-a-kind gift line.

McCall's Candles are poured at the optimal level of fragrance to ensure an even, long-burning, highly scented candle from beginning to end. McCall’s takes pride in taking the time to use only the finest fragrances and wax for the best quality candles. Although McCall's wicks are metal cored, they are zinc, not to be confused with lead.

McCall’s Classic Jar Candle is a unique clear glass jar that features a rustic metal lid embossed with the McCall's Country Canning logo. This candle is also unique because of it distressed metal handle, which attaches securely to a distressed metal band around the neck of the jar. Approximate burn time 120 to 160 hours.

TartBurners.com carries McCall's Candles 26 oz. jars, 16 oz. jars, 5 oz. jars, buttons, cottage cups & tea lights in Country Store, Apple Spice, Campfire Marshmallow & many other fragrances.

Apple Butter
A creamy sweet apple butter fragrance with a touch of tartness.

Apple Spice
This warm red apple fragrance emits a hint of cinnamon and spice. A rusty-red delight which is a year-round favorite.

Autumn Leaves
Reminiscent of freshly strewn leaves on cobblestone sidewalks. A crisp assortment of Hazelnut, Cinnamon Bark, Cinnamon Leaves, Spun Sugar Strands, Vermont Maple and White Ginger.

Banana Nut Bread
You've just stepped into Laura's Loaves and Goodies, a small, quaint family bakery where Laura is baking her famous cream-cheese filled banana nut bread. A fresh, hot, out-of-the-oven scent. This caramel colored goody is a definite crowd pleaser!

Banana Raisin Cream
Warm bananas blended with soft, juicy tender raisins. A rich combination and an addicting dessert flavor.

Cabin Scents
Perfect for that log-cabin feeling, this cozy creation from McCall's offers a touch of spicy pine and the great outdoors.

Campfire Marshmallow
Imagine sitting around the campfire toasting up some marshmallows to add to your chocolate and graham-crackers. Yes, this candle has the fragrance of your favorite camping treat, S'mores!

Cherries Jubilee
Sweet cherries and its rich liqueur sauce are perfectly flambéed in this decadent candle.

Chocolate & Raspberries
Soft raspberries accompanied by a hint of velvety white chocolate.

Christmas Jingle
A tangy holiday blend of rosehips, oranges, apples, cinnamon and spices. This is the same scent as Country Store.

Christmas Tree
Celebrate the season with crisp fresh notes of pine, reminiscent of cozy Christmas mornings around the tree.

Warm spicy cinnamon sticks overwhelm this red-hot fragrance. Add this "Superior" Cinnamon to your collection.

Cinnamon & Cranberries
A refreshing cranberry with splashes of orange and strawberry. Mild notes of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, and Cardamom finish this tangy delight.

Cocoanut Caffe
An old-fashioned warm cocoanut coffee fragrance.

Country Christmas
This sweet, spicy Santa delight will be as nostalgic as old keepsakes and one of your favorite Christmas memories. This is the same scent as Spiced Pear.

Country Store
McCall's has packaged the signature notes of a country store! A tangy blend of rosehips, oranges, apples, cinnamon and spices.

Creme Brulee
This charming country candle holds within the aroma of the classic French custard dessert. A heavy dusting of carmelized sugar atop rich custard.

Fallbrook Farms
The orange groves of Fallbrook, California have been captured. Citrus juices are overflowing. Sweeps of vanilla sugar perfectly end this citrus accord.

Farmers Market
A captivating blend of nutmeg, cinnamon orange and cloves. This same fragrance is also packaged as Pumpkin Spice.

Flower Shoppe
When you remove the lid from this new classic, you'll be delighted with a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Fresh Apple
Crisp Macintosh apples are overflowing on top of this juicy aroma. Sparkling apple juices surround this ripened fruit accord.

Fresh Strawberries
Luscious strawberries just picked and delivered to the McCall's farm stand. Light yet delightfully fresh and fragrant.

Ginger Peach
Vibrant sun-ripened peach halves and juices, sweet brown sugar and ginger shavings introduce a warming fruity start. Nutmeg adds the finishing touch.

Grandma's Kitchen
Get a whiff of spicy cinnamon and fresh-baked love found only in grandma’s kitchen. Welcoming, cozy aromas abound from her unique culinary touch.

Haley’s Butter Frosting
A rich sweet vanilla butter-cream frosting fragrance. Heavenly notes of pure vanilla and creamy butter coat the top, while silky white vanilla shavings and warm cake batter warm the heart. A pinch of white sprinkled sugar enhances this almost-edible frosting fantasy!

Fresh honeydew slices and sweet cantaloupe cubes introduce a refreshing beginning. A melange of melons adds a deliciously captivating mouth-watering heart.

As Spring sets in, beautifully cascading blossoms of honeysuckle are in abundance and their fragrance fills the fresh morning air.

Hot Buttered Rum
Warm buttery notes blend with a slight hint of sweet Carribean Rum.

Jack Frost
Jack Frost will be nippin' at your nose this winter! Warm up with this soothing butter-mint delight and make Jack Frost a part of your holiday collection.

Key Lime Pie
Straight from the Florida Keys (well, McCall's!), tart key limes are combined with sweetened condensed milk to create a perfect creamy thick citrus pie with a classic flakey crust.

Laura’s Lemon Loaf
Look what Laura is baking today. . . her famous cream-cheese filled lemon bread. A tart lemon fragrance with a touch of poundcake makes this candle a fresh.

Open your window. It's Spring and the Lilac has just begun to bloom. A gentle breeze brings in the fragrance of this light, delicate blossom. This scent is so authentic, and oh so pretty, down to its rich, deep lavender bouquet.

Of the many types of grapes, the Merlot grape is one that is smooth and subtle with a soft finish. A warm and sophisticated fragrance.

Sweet, tart and delicious, this burgundy treat is a delightful and admired addition to your collection.

Mulled Apple Cider
Warm up the fall and winter season with a warm mug of McCall's apple cider. So tangy and full of the traditional spices of nutmeg, clove, orange and cinnamon

Orange Almond Biscotti
A warm rich biscotti flavored with a hint of orange and a touch of almond.

Orange Cranberry
Slight orange citrus notes blend smoothly with spicy cranberry undertones.

Peace on Earth
A warm and comforting blend of creamy French vanilla, rich shea butter, decadent cashmere, soothing Egyptian musk and a hint of bright citrus. A perfect blend of holiday bliss.

Fruity and fresh, this pineapple aroma offers an inviting welcome into any home.

This winter floral aroma has a slight touch of fresh Orange Peel & Sicilian Lemon. Green Hyacinth intermingles with frosted Peony Petals misted with cool Siberian Fir. Warm tones of Amber & Tonka Bean are enriched with Crushed Nutmeg & Red Cedarwood.

Pumpkin Spice
A striking blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, orange and cloves. This autumn favorite will knock you off your feet. Perfect for warming up those crisp fall evenings. THIS IS THE SAME FRAGRANCE AS FARMER'S MARKET.

Raspberry Lemon
A delightfully fresh, tangy mix of raspberries and lemon.

Royal Ginger
Sweet honey, buttercream and a touch of orange peel. Splashes of brown sugar and vanilla add to this ginger delight.

Sapolio Soap
A relaxing clean fragrance of cyclamen and smooth jasmine and a touch of grapefruit top notes.

Spiced Pear
Spicy, juicy and fresh. Not your typical spiced pear. This is a melody of fruits with a cinnamon note.

Spooner Farms
Visit the Northwest and you will come across the raspberry-grower experts, Spooner Farms. We have "hand-picked" some of their berries and blended them with a medley of other fruits and citrus. A blissful bouquet of berries.

State Fair
Vibrant green apple juices and red apple peel are combined with warm cinnamon swirls, apple halves and crumbled pie crust. Baked sweet vanilla and sprinkled nutmeg finish this delectable State Fair apple pie delight.

Sugar Plum
A fresh sweetened plum sprinkled with raspberry, orange, cloudberry and vanilla.

Bright, cheery and uplifting, this soft, clean fragrance adds a touch of sunshine yellow to any room.

Sunrise Cinnamon Buns
Good morning! Warm cinnamon buns await you. Breathe in and get a whiff of the sweet cinnamon sugar, sticky maple drizzles and cinnamon shavings amongst the warm, soft dough.

Trick or Treat
A haunting blend of delectable black licorice laces with traces of sprinkled anise and a warming touch of sweet vanilla.

Smooth, creamy & rich French vanilla tempts your tastebuds. This soft, off-white candle is an exceptional, highly aromatic vanilla, unlike any other.

Tangy and fresh-sliced notes of the perfect spring and summer melon.

Wilson’s Shortbread
Imagine removing the lid from your favorite shortbread cookie tin. This buttery-baked cookie fragrance is a sweet addition to your kitchen collection.

Witches Brew
An intriguing blend of Clove, Cinnamon & Gingerroot.

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