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Town Village Electric Tart Burner - Fire Station

Town Village Electric Tart Burner -  Fire Station
Town Village Electric Tart Burner -  Fire StationTown Village Electric Tart Burner -  Fire Station
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The Town Village Burners are a collection of detailed hand-painted porcelain electric tart burners which can be used as a decorative item or for melting wax potpourri. The roof is removable, exposing a glazed wax well that holds one standard size wax potpourri. Holes in the roof allow fragrance out while the roof is on. The burners use a specialty 25 watt appliance bulb (the same one used in the mosaic and glass plug-in burners). Approximate size 6” x 5” x 7” height. There is an on/off toggle switch on the cord. For use with wax potpourri from Bridgewater Candle, Scentchips, Ganz Time & Again Waffle Bars, Mia Bella Mia Melts, Virginia Candle, Yankee Candle, Beanpod Candle, McCall’s Candles, Tyler Candle, Colonial Candle and more.

Each item is molded and painted by hand and variations may exist from piece to piece.

Electric Tart Burners offer a great way to fragrance a home, dorm or office without an open flame. Electric Tart Burners typically are available with either heating plates or light bulbs to warm and melt the wax and emit fragrance. Each electric tart burner for sale at TartBurners.com indicates in the item description whether it uses a heating plate or a light bulb, and the wattage of the light bulb used. It is important to only use light bulbs that have the correct size and wattage for the particular burner. The item description of each light bulb that TartBurners.com sells gives its wattage, size and the burners that it fits.

Scented wax for use in electric tart burners is generically called “wax potpourri” and comes in many sizes, shapes and fragrances. TartBurners.com carries a large selection in the “Wax Potpourri” section, ranging from standard size tart-shaped 0.8 oz. Bridgewater Wafers, break-off bricks like “Candle Bars” and “Waffle Bars” and small pieces like Beanpod Candles Soy Beads and Scentchips that come in a tube or a box. The Plug-In Tart Burners work best with the smaller pieces, but generally speaking all the electric tart burners that TartBurners.com sells will work with any of the wax potpourri we sell.

Electric Tart Burners work with wax potpourri a lot like Candle Warmers work with jar candles. When you heat and melt wax potpourri with an electric tart burner, only the scent evaporates; the wax does not. Even when the wax eventually runs out of fragrance, there is still a full pool of wax. The overall fragrance time for each brand of wax potpourri is listed in the item’s description.
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